7th - 9th March 2014, Novotel Hotel Southampton

Thank you, Charity & Minami Con 21!

On behalf of the committee, I would like to say thank you to everybody who contributed artwork, conbook material, event organisers, dealers, gophers and volunteers who helped out at the con, the wonderful DDR:UK, cosplayers who made such an effort and last but not least, the con-goers for creating such a fantastic warm feeling at the con.

Also, thanks to everybody's incredible generousity and That Man's ginger sacrifice, the total we raised for the British Heart Foundation is £1809.12. So well done everybody!

The dates for Minami Con 21 are 6th-8th March 2015. We hope that you will be able to join us again then. I will keep you posted on when you can expect online registration to open and you can be sure to receive an e-mail beforehand about it if you haven't already pre-registered for next year.

Once again, THANK YOU!

Schedule Correction

We made a boo boo with the schedule. So if you've already seen the previous version, the correction was for Friday's Kimono Forum which should have been at 1pm rather 3:30pm. The schedule in the PR posted here has been amended. We do apologise for the mistake but hope that we've corrected this early enough.

Don't forget to check out the events listing here.

PR, Schedule & Events

Woo hoo! We're getting close to the con now and we've got the PR and the schedule ready. If you haven't already received it yet, you can always download it here.

We updated our list of Dealers on the site awhile ago but we've just updated all the events and their descriptions on the events page.

Thanks in advance to all of the events organisers. We hope that everybody will appreciate all the events put together for the con this year. Please enjoy yourselves at the con!

Con Memories Wall, Minami Matsuri & Forum Upgrade

If you have any old con photos/pics, do bring them along to put up on our Con Memories wall in the hotel foyer. We will have a few up from our own collection but please feel free to add yours as well.

For most of you who have already been to Minami Con, you will be familiar with our Friday night fairground and party. This year we want to bring the Japanese Matsuri experience to you so don your kimono for the night and bring your party spirit with you!

The forum has been left a little bit out-of-date for a very long time and we had to tighten up the registration process as well but we've just upgraded the forum and hope that you will find it much easier to use now :)

Last-chance Hotel Booking, Masquerade Entries Bring & Buy and Thank you!

If you haven't booked your hotel room yet, this is your last chance to use the convention rates. Download the form here and e-mail/fax it to the Novotel Hotel.

Those wanting to enter the masquerade this year, please fill in the masquerade entry form on the website. Follow the links on the right under the 'Masquerade Entry' heading :)

Bring & Buy forms can be found on the website in the menu under Members>Forms. You may want to pre-fill the form before you get to the con.

Lastly, we would like to thank everybody who have volunteered time and helped with the con so far. This goes to everyone from those who submitted in artwork and articles for the conbook, artwork for our conpack and running events. We have had some really fantastic and varied submissions. So once again, thank you so much!

Seeking Conbook Contributions and Cosplay Café/Gopher Volunteers

We're still looking for more articles, artwork and comic strip submissions. And as it's our 20th year, if you have any interesting stories about the UK fandom or memories of Minami Con, please do give us any memorable moments you may have of the con. Email your submission to conbook@minamicon.org.uk.

We are also in need of volunteer waiters/waitresses for the Cosplay Café. If you would like to register your interest to help out with the Cosplay Café or would like to help out the con in any other way, just drop us a line at gopher@minamicon.org.uk.

On with the Con!

Thank you everybody who signed up for Minami Con 20! Our server was experiencing problems when we first opened and unfortunately some of the payment instructions did not get sent out. If you're missing an e-mail from us, get in touch and we'll send you the full details.

In case you haven't noticed, our con theme for this year is Idol Singer! Hopefully this will give you some ideas for conbook submissions and artwork designs :) We will be sending out a first PR update soon which should have some basic details about the con next year.

We're now taking Registrations for Minami Con 20!

That's it. We're open for registration! We are incredibly grateful to everybody who signs up. This will be a big number for Minami Con and we're hoping to make this con truly special.

If you would like to contribute to the con, in way of conbook submissions or event ideas, do drop us a line either through the forum, twitter or even through contacting us directly. We'd love to hear what you have to share.

Registration Opening on 30th October

Dear all, we've had to rejig things somewhat and return back to the Google Checkout option for the time being. We will be opening up registration on the 30th of October at 9pm now. Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you at Minami Con 20!

Registration Opening Update

Apologies, we hit a snag with the online payment system we were going for and have to switch a different provider. Please bear with us whilst we sort this out. Hopefully we'll be opening in the next week or so.

Minami Con 20

Welcome back! This will be our 20th Minami Con and we hope to be able to make this one special. We've got plans in the works but any contributions you may have in events or even special con memories for the conbook will be very much appreciated.

We're in the midst of swapping our online payment system but hope to be able to open registration mid October. Precise details on the date/time of registration opening will be posted once we're sure.

Charity, Thank You & Minami Con 20!

So yet another Minami Con has come and gone. We'd like to thank everybody involved. The event organisers, gophers, dealers, art/conbook contributors and members. Everyone had a part to play and it couldn't be more of a testament of "For Fans by Fans".

Even in these difficult times, we are completely surprised by the sheer generousity of everybody at the con. This year we made a total of £2000 for both our charities. That is £1000 each to British Heart Foundation and Aid for Japan. The breakdown of the charity takings is as follows:

Auction: £1029

Bring & Buy: £336.99

Charity Collection: £493.55

Con Contribution: £140.46

Minami Con 20 will be back at the Novotel Hotel in Southampton again next year from 7th to 9th of March 2014. We hope to see you at our 20th anniversary! Registrations will be open from September so please keep an eye out for notifications at around August.

Once again, thank you everybody and we hope to see you next year!